The Ten Best Dog Parks in Austin, Texas

If you are looking for excellent dog walking parks within Austin, Texas, we have done our research and compiled the Best Dog Parks in Austin for you. 

1. Red Bud Isle 

If you’re looking for a vast park to enjoy with your dog – Red bud isle is an excellent park for you. Visitors love the ideal 17-acre island that offers endless greenery. Also, the park has a majestic play area for dogs, where you can take your dog off the leash and let them play.

There is a variety of excellent dog walking trails around the park. If your dog likes the water, feel free to take your dog on a kayak along the river. 

2. Bull Creek District Park

The bull creek district park spans over 32 square miles of terrain that is ideal for dog-walking. You’ll love the natural swimming area for animals and yourself, the scenic cliffs, and the beautiful waterfalls. Feel free to let your dog off the leash and into the water. 

Furthermore, the park is one of Austin’s most visited spots, and it is famous with hikers because of the vast array of incredible trails.

3. West Austin Dog Park 

The West Austin dog park is Austin’s ultimate dog park. It offers a fantastic social scene, an off-leash dog park, and a superb spot for families to play with their dogs. Although dogs are not allowed off their leash in West Austin park, you can take them off their leash in the dog park area.

Also, the park has a vast green space to enjoy with the family. If the weather is scorching hot, you can take a dip in the swimming pool and relax in the sun. 

4. Barkin’ Springs 

Locals voted the Barkin’ Springs Dog Ranch as the best dog boarders in Austin in 2016. It is the best place to take your furry friend in a 4-acre sprawling environment where the dog can play with other dogs and have a fantastic time. The ranch is locally owned and operated. 

Moreover, the ranch is just 8 miles east of the Austin Bergstrom International Airport and is easily accessible via car. Jessica Garwood, the owner, decided to leave the corporate world in 2010 and pursue her passion for looking after dogs.

5. Norwood Estates Dog Park

Dog-walkers love the norwood estates dog park because of the off-leash dog area – the perfect spot to let your dog have some fun. Also, the dog park offers a separate area for smaller dogs, a double gate to keep the dogs inside, and a large dog park for dogs of all sizes.

Furthermore, there are many dog washing stations in the park, which are great if the park is muddy.

6. Hancock Dog Park 

The Hancock dog park offers guests an eclectic mixture of facilities, such as water facilities, seating areas, street parking, and a tall fence to keep the dogs inside. Dog walkers love the dog park’s relaxed feeling, and it is one of the quieter and less-known dog parks in the area. 

Also, there is a massive variety of seating areas for families with great potential to have picnics and relax in the Austin summer sun.

7. Bob Wentz Park 

The Bob Wentz Park is a scenic park that is perfect for dogs. The park offers swimming and sports facilities that are perfect for the family and feel free to let your dog swim in the water. Also, you can let your dogs off the leash at The Point, which is the park’s shoreline area. 

During a hot Austin day, you can sit down with your family and friends and relax on the sand while your dogs swim and play in the water – a great option, and only 30 minutes from downtown Austin. 

8. Bee Cave Dog Park 

The Bee cave dog park is the ideal 50-acre park to go walking with your dogs. There are various trails and hikes to enjoy, and your dogs will find many friends along the way. Also, owners can enjoy different fitness camps, health classes, and personal trainers offering their services in the park. 

Besides, there are restrooms, pavilions, and ample seating areas to relax and enjoy the summer sunshine. It is one of the Best Dog Parks in Austin because of the size of the park. 

9. Emma Long Metropolitan Park 

The Emma long metropolitan park is one of Austin’s most prominent parks with excellent facilities for dogs. Visitors will find camping sites, trails, swimming areas, and vast green spaces to relax. 

However, dogs must be on a leash, but there are plenty of things for your animals to do. Plus, there are hundreds of dogs for them to play with. 

10. Onion Creek District Park

Would you love to escape the hustle and bustle of Austin and end up in an area that very few people visit? If so, you’ll love the 170-acre Onion Creek District Park because most of the park is off-leash and you can let your dog roam and play at its will.

Furthermore, the park offers swimming areas that are perfect for your dog during the summer months. It is one of the Best Dog Parks in Austin for letting your dog wander. 

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