The 10 Best Dog Parks in Miami

Looking for a wonderful Miami dog park? You’re in the right place!

Just like us, dogs are happier when they MOVE! Dog parks are the perfect place for your best friend to run and play. A day at the park can raise both your heart rates and your spirits.

Admission to each and every one of these parks is FREE! Other Florida towns (I’m looking at you, Jacksonville) have mostly private dog parks. We’re lucky to have so many fantastic options in Miami.    

Read on to discover the best dog parks in Miami. 

1. Amelia Earhart Dog Park

There is so much to explore at Amelia Earhart Park. This 515-acre park includes five lakes, a fantastic playground, and a farm village with historical replicas. There are trails, picnic shelters, and even Wi-Fi!

The dog park spans five acres and is completely fenced! With water fountains, tables, and benches, there’s virtually no limit to how long your pup can play. They even have an obstacle course!

There’s a seperate section for small dogs.

Weekday parking is free. On weekends, you’ll need to pay $7 to park here.

2. Perrine Wayside Dog Park

This beautiful 3-acre park offers separate areas for small and large dogs. The perimeter fence encloses a walking path and a large lake where your dog is welcome to swim. Dual gates keep your dogs extra safe.

There are pet water fountains and a hose you can use to wash your dog if they get too muddy.

Keep an eye on puppies and small dogs; they may be able to slip through the gate.

3. Margaret Pace Dog Park

This waterfront park includes two fenced areas where dogs can play. The space for large dogs occupies most of the half acre. The area for small dogs is limited to dogs that weigh 25 pound or less.

There are water fountains for both you and your pup. Sit on one of the park benches and enjoy the beautiful view of Biscayne Bay. Lights at night make this a great choice for getting out with your dog after dark.

This park is open to the public. In other words, FREE!

4. Tropical Dog Park

This popular park has an obstacle course for dogs! Outside of the fenced area are miles of paved trails where you can walk or run with your dog.

A separate area for small dogs lets them socialize safely. This section has its own dog fountain and sprayer. There’s also an area to wash your dog before getting back in the car.

Another free public park.

5. West Kendall District Park

This park encompasses 164 acres of greenspace. The dog park covers 6.5 acres and includes separate areas for large and small dogs. The area for small dogs is designated for dogs 35 pounds and under.

This park offers a wide range of amenities: doggy drinking fountains, water sprays, pooper scoopers, shade, and even play equipment! You and your pup can try out tire jumps, a paws table and more.

6. Haulover Park

Haulover is a public beachfront park. It’s 177 acres with 1.4 miles of beach.

The leash-free bark park is located near the south picnic area. There are two fenced areas: one for large dogs, and another for dogs 35 pounds and under. There’s room to run on the grass and the usual amenities: drinking fountains, shade trees, picnic tables, free bags, and trash cans. 

There’s also a designated off-leash beach area for dogs, which really sets this spot apart from the other dog parks in Miami.

The parking lot opens at 8 am and closes one hour before sunset. Weekday parking costs $5 per car – it’s $7 on weekends.

7. Greynolds Park

East Greynolds Park boasts bayfront views and a huge area where your pooch can run and play. There are water stations and separate areas for large and small dogs.

In addition to a dog park, this location offers a fishing dock and a place to launch canoes and kayaks. Rent one for $12/hour and take your pup to see the dolphins!

8. Coconut Grove Dog Park

This fully-fenced public dog park is located within David T. Kennedy Park. Dogs 25 pounds and under can play in their own area. In addition to the off-leash area, there’s an on-leash area where you can run laps with your dog. It offers all the basic amenities: benches, water fountains, and poop bags.

9. Lago Mar Dog Park

This public park has paved paths, pavilions, and fitness zones. The dog park is simple, but still a safe place where your furry pal can run off leash and have fun with friends. You’ll need to bring your own bags and water.

10. Blanche Dog Park

This popular neighborhood spot is a great space for you and your dog to socialize. Astroturf makes it an appealing option if you’re looking to avoid mud and dust. The park is fenced, clean and a good medium size.

There you have it, the best dog parks in Miami. Get out and enjoy!

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