Our Favourite Dog Parks in Colorado Springs

On the lookout for dog parks in Colorado Springs? There is certainly no shortage, but to help you in your search, we have put together a list of ten of our favourite dog parks in Colorado Springs, including their open hours, so that you can plan your next doggy day out!

1. Bear Creek Park

Bear Creek Park has two fenced play areas, one for small dogs and senior dogs and one for large dogs. The park also has a dog washing area and an agility training area where your pup can show off their athleticism!

Bear Creek Park also has a water station for the dogs, a dog washing area, and a beautiful dog memorial where many dog parents can memorialize their dogs at the Rainbow Bridge.

2. Stratton Open Space

Stratton Open Space is 318 acres of gorgeous outdoor space with wildlife trails, access to the Pike National Forest, and a “Doggie Beach.” Stratton Open Space is an incredible area, but it is a “Leave No Trace” space, so you must follow pet waste pickup rules.

There is a lot of wildlife habitat in this area, so dogs must be kept on a leash when not in the designated beach area where dogs are free to swim!  

3. Cheyenne Meadows Dog Park

Cheyenne Meadows Dog Park is one of the cleanest off-leash dog parks, and it is very well maintained. There are two play areas – one for big dogs and one for small – and dog water stations.

You’ll also find a pavilion where you can catch your breath as your pup tries out the agility playground!

4. Fox Run Dog Park

Fox Run Dog Park is a huge space within a larger green space with hiking trails galore and a playground for the kids. One of the largest dog parks that there is Fox Run Park is known for the friendly pet parents and well-behaved dogs that frequent there.

 A word of caution, though, there have been numerous car break-ins in the Fox Run parking lot, so it’s advisable to park elsewhere and walk to the park.

5. East Ridge Dog Park

East Ridge Dog Park has a two and a half acre fenced park area and dog drinking stations. The park also has benches for pet parents to sit on while their dogs play.

This park also offers a loop train for on-leash walks. This is a fairly “no-frills” kind of dog park, but there is a children’s playground and a pavilion on the grounds for other activities.

6. Golden Meadows Dog Park

Golden Meadows Dog Park is a newer park that has two areas – one for small dogs and one for large dogs. There are also water stations for dogs.

What we love most about this park aside from the friendly people and well-behaved dogs, is that it was dreamed up by a Girl Scout! In an effort to design a safe place for neighborhood dogs to play, a local Girl Scout spearheaded the park project!

7. Rampart Dog Park

Rampart Dog Park is a large fenced-in park area with water spigots for thirsty pups! The park area is very sandy, though, so while it’s great for diggers, it’s not great if you like to keep your pup clean!

Rampart Dog Park is known for friendly regulars and well-behaved dogs, which is always a plus!

8. Palmer Park Ute Crest (The Dog Run Area)

Don’t confuse Palmer Park Ute Crest Dog Run Area for the fenced area just as you first go into the park. The dog run is at the very top of the crest and is a nice wide open space and perfect for dogs that need plenty of exercise.

What we love most about this spot is that it’s never overcrowded, but you can usually find a small group of pups and their parents!

Palmer Park Ute Crest dog run area is a great spot with an amazing view. This is not the best place for dogs that have trouble with recall, though, because it is a huge area!

9. Garden Of The Gods

Garden of the Gods isn’t specifically a dog park, but they do have an open space where dogs can play off-leash. There are also some great trails that you can hike with your dog on-leash, but they must be on a 6-foot maximum leash.

This is a beautiful location for you and your dog to get away from everyday life and take in your natural surroundings.

10. Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon is a 785-acre area with trails that you can walk while your dog is leashed while on the trails. Dogs can go off-leash on the upper and lower trails, but they must have good recall because this area is not fenced in!

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