Definitive List of Dog Parks in Houston

Bring your dog to the best dog parks in Houston! These parks don’t just offer shade and space, but convenient amenities. You’ll find water fountains and convenient comfort rooms. Some of them  even wading tools and obstacle courses, to help entertain your dog and encourage him to get more exercise. Grab a leash, and go to the best dog parks in your area.

1. Alexander Deussen Dog Park

This is one of the most popular dog parks in Houston. It has an off-leash area so your pet can run freely and make new friends. It also has separate, fully-fenced areas for big dogs (5.25 acres) and small dogs (1.25 acres).

If your dog loves playing in the water, there’s a bone-shaped paddling pool. Don’t worry if he gets muddy—you can hose him off right at the park’s wash stations. He can also find fresh, clean water from the dog drinking stations all around the park.

For your convenience, there are plenty of benches, shaded areas, comfort rooms, drinking fountains, and dog waste stations.

2. Congressman Bill Archer Bark Park

A review called this dog park one of “Houston’s hound heavens.” Aside from over 20 acres of space, it has dog ponds, obstacle courses, and even equipment for agility training. It even has mud ponds for dogs who love to roll around and get dirty!

And don’t worry, it’s easy to give your dog a bath: the large wash stations can accommodate two dogs at a time.

You can also find walking trails, and comfortable seating areas with lots of shade. However, since it’s a popular park, you need to come early to be able to use the equipment.

3. Johnny Steele Dog Park

This is one of downtown Houston’s popular dog parks. It’s part of Buffalo Bayou Park, and has complete amenities: drinking fountains with special spigots for your pup, dog washing areas, and a pond and small swimming areas where he can splash in.

Though it doesn’t have as many trees as other dog parks, there are shaded areas where you can rest on a hot day. There’s also a sloped hill, where you and your dog can get a lot of exercise. 

Reviews recommend bringing your own dog bags and lots of towels—dogs will get wet and muddy in this park! If you want to avoid the crowds, go there on weekend afternoons.

4. Ervan Chew Dog Park

This was Houston’s first and oldest off-leash dog park. However, it’s much smaller than the newer parks—about 9,000 square feet—and you won’t find a lot of the amenities. 

However, there is a nearby picnic area and public pool, and it’s considerably less crowded even during peak hours. There are also kiddie pools that you can fill if your dog really loves to splash in the water.

If you’re just looking for a convenient park where your dog can get regular exercise, this fits the bill.

5. Bibi and Mini-Me Bush Dog Park

This park was named after former President Bush’s pet dogs, and is conveniently located within Pundt Park—a popular recreation area with hiking trails and lush, beautiful trees.

The pet park offers six acres of trails, and conveniently located benches where you can catch your breath. The trees create a lot of comfortable shade, and relaxing scenery that will help you leave your stress behind.

There are water fountains, but reviews say that sometimes they don’t work. Bring bottled water just in case, and a bowl for your dog to drink from. Fortunately, there are plenty of wash and waste stations so clean-up is a breeze.

6. Bear Branch Dog Park

This two-acre dog park is very shady, so you and your dog can stay comfortable even on the hottest days. There are separate areas for small breeds (25 pounds or under) and large breeds (over 25 pounds).

The park has water fountains, but you have to bring a bowl for your dog. It also provides dog waste bags and containers.

This is pretty much a basic dog park, but many people like going here because it’s near a playground and sports facilities. You can walk the dog while your kids play nearby.

7. Deputy Darren Goforth Dog Park

This dog park is situated right next to a lake, which is popular for fishing and birdwatching. It requires leashes for entering and exiting park, though you can set them free once they’re in the fenced-in area.

There are designated areas for small and large dogs, with a special section near the lake for dogs who enjoy swimming. You can also find some agility training equipment.

The park has plenty of wash and water stations, and conveniently located barrels and waste stations for your dog’s “business.”

Near the dog park are playgrounds and picnic facilities where your family can relax while your pup gets exercise.

8. City of Katy Dog Park

This is one of the most popular dog parks in Houston, with 14 acres of grass and a long walking path. Trees line the paths and offer shade over the benches and seating areas.

There are separate areas for big and small dogs, public rest rooms, and plenty of wash stations and water fountains. There is also a small pond.

The most popular attraction is the agility course and training equipment, which are found on the western side of the park. It’s the perfect place for both you and your pup to get exercise and even teach a few tricks.

The park can get crowded but if you want to avoid the crowds go there in the morning—it gets very busy at around 4 or 5 pm.

9. Beverly Kaufman Dog Park

This dog park is conveniently located next to a playground, and there are picnic tables, benches, and a scenic pond. It has basic facilities like waste stations and water fountains. However, it has no shade and no small pool where your dog can cool off, so it’s best to go here early in the morning or at around dusk.    

10. Burroughs Dog Park

This sprawling, six-acre dog park is in the center of Burroughs Park, past the lake and the sports fields. You need a car to reach it, but it has a dedicated parking lot.

The park is divided into two fenced areas: one for small dogs, and the other for large dogs. You can unleash your dogs and let them freely and safely explore the area, while you relax on one of benches.

You can find water fountains and mutt-mitt dispensers. The area can get muddy, but fortunately there are wash stations where you can clean your dog. Be sure to bring a towel to dry him down before you head back home.

If you prefer to keep your dog on a leash, you can walk down the nature trails. Though the area has many trees, they don’t offer a lot of shade—so bring a hat and sunblock!

11. Cattail Dog Park

This is a smaller dog park, with one acre divided into two separate areas for small and large dogs. However, it’s fully equipped with water fountains, waste stations, and even wading pools. It also has a shaded area with benches.

You need to bring your own drinking containers, and the small parking lot can get crowded on weekdays.

12. Levy Park Dog Park

Levy Park is already quite popular outdoor recreation area, and there’s a special section inside for you and your furry friends, too! It’s very near the activity area, on the East Side street. There is nearby parking, but slots can get quickly filled during the weekends.

The dog park has grassy mounds and fields, and water fountains where he can splash and even get a sip of water. If your pet loves playing in the sprinklers, he’s going to love staying there!

There are many cool, shaded areas and benches where you can sit back and relax while your dog explores the park. However, there is no dog washing station, you have to bring your own dog bags, and the restrooms are far away from the dog park.  

You can bring your dog with you to explore the rest of Levy Park, but he has to be kept on a leash anywhere outside the designed dog park.

13. Danny Jackson Family Dog Park

Located near Bellaire Junction, this off-leash park has fenced-off areas for big and small dogs. It’s fairly popular, so your pet will meet many dogs he can play with. It even has fire hydrants—and we all know how dogs love those.

You’ll find walking trails and many seating areas, but there isn’t a lot of shade. Go here early morning or at dusk to avoid the sun and heat. Luckily, there are many water fountains where he can drink clean water.

There’s a pond where your dog can splash and cool off, but reviews say it can get dirty. You’ll probably need to give him a bath after!

14. TC Jester Dog Park

This is a one-acre dog park, with a separate area for large dogs (31,000 square feet) and small dogs (16,000 square feet). It requires all dogs to be tagged and vaccinated, and doesn’t allow any puppies below 4 months old or any dog in heat.

Other than those rules, this Houston dog park is a safe place where your dog can freely play without a leash. It has the basic amenities like drinking fountains and dog washing stations, and shady walking trails.

However, reviews say the best thing about the park is the community. Most of the visitors come here regularly, and so it’s a good place where both you and your pet can make friends.

15. Lents Family Dog Park

The park is actually a family recreation area, with special areas sectioned for small and large dogs. While your kids go to the playground or soccer some goals in the nearby soccer field, your pet can freely play in his own pet paradise.

The dog park is small but well laid out. There are separate areas for small and big dogs, a pool with waterfall for dogs who love to play in the water, and walking trails. It even has a time-out section if your pet gets too rowdy or starts misbehaving!

There are plenty of trees that grow in different areas of the park, so you can always find a shady spot to rest. The area is also covered in grass turf, which is well-maintained by the park staff.

Best of all, this dog park doesn’t get as crowded as the other big parks in the area. This is ideal if your dog gets nervous around a lot of dogs and people. And, you get to enjoy the space, the scenery and serenity!  

Dog Parks in Houston: so many “Paws”-ibbilities

Houston is clearly a city that takes care of its furry citizens. Choose from a variety of dog parks where both you and your pet can enjoy the outdoors.

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