Best Dog Parks in Philadelphia

Known for the Liberty Bell and the best steak and cheese on this side of the Mississippi, Philadelphia is a city that lives and breathes fun. One of the many advantages of Philadelphia is that it has a number of dog parks for you to exercise your best friend.

We’ve compiled a list of the best dog parks in Philadelphia to help you decide!

1. Seger Dog Park

Seger prides itself on taking care of the park so that it stands out above the rest. They make every effort to keep the park beautiful, so it’s a wonderful addition to the neighborhood.

This park in South Philadelphia offers a large, mulched area for dogs to run off-leash as well as a secure, 2 step metal gate to enter. They also have a separate gated area for small or timid dogs to relax.

The waste clean-up bags are free, and there are plenty of trash containers and multiple benches for relaxing. In season, the park even provides balls and a water fountain, and a sprinkler. There is paid parking across the street from the park.

2. Piazza Dog Park

Piazza Dog Park is one of the smaller dog parks in Philadelphia. It is full of friendly people and is a great place for dogs to socialize.

There is a mix of astroturf for sensitive paws and rounded stone and benches for owners to relax. It also does not flood when there is heavy rain. Locals say it’s a great community dog park.

3. Roxborough Dog Park

This member’s only park may become your new favorite place. Members can come and exercise their four-legged pal and watch them have the fun they need and deserve.

 There is a great deal of room, tennis balls, and water bowls, as well as big and small dog play areas. The park is fully secured and fenced in, and all members are screened for acceptance. 

4. Palmer Doggie Depot

Palmer is a great park for dogs of all sizes. They provide water and bowls. The park is mostly stone and rocks, so your pup may need a rinse down.

The gate is double-locked, which keeps it safe. Bring a chair to sit in as there are not a lot of places to relax.

5. Schuylkill River Park Dog Run

People say this is one of the greatest dog parks in Philadelphia, and many come from the other side of the city to visit. The park boasts a bulldog meet-up group on the first Sunday of the month.

There are two separate areas, one for large and smaller dogs. The park has nice turf for dogs to run around on and plenty of space. There is also a playground which makes it a great place for families as well.

6. Pretzel Park

This is a small dog run that has a mix of wood chips and dirt. There is a temporary fence along the low wall, and state locals are hoping to improve it. This park is also a great place for a stroll with family, or with the dog, of course. A nearby restaurant, Winnie’s LeBus, will put out water for your pup.

7. Orianna Hill Dog Run

Around the neighborhood, Orianna Hill Dog Run is known as “The Dog Park”. This park is great for dogs, their owners, or even families looking to have a relaxing picnic.

This beautiful dog park has ample water, toys, and a good amount of space for exercise. There is a closed-off section at the entrance for safety and a small dog area for the little guys. 

8. Mario Lanza Park

Mario Lanza is a gem among the dog parks in Philadelphia. It is in a beautiful small neighborhood in Queen Villiage.

This popular park has a well-maintained green space as well as tables and benches for relaxing. There is a specific off-leash part of the park for dogs and has decent nighttime lighting. This park has been associated with community events for years.

9. Lanier Dog Park

This is a great park all around. It has a playground and benches as well as a lovely walking path. It’s a great place for dogs to run and get exercise. The park is very clean, and the caretakers are very friendly. Be sure to bring your own water and dog poop bags to help keep the park clean.

10. Tucker Dog Park

This is a great local dog park in Philadelphia. There are always plenty of friends to tire your dog out.

It is fenced in but be mindful that it is close to the highway. Be sure to bring water for your dog and yourself!

The park is a decent size and plenty of room to play fetch. And a definite plus side, there are plenty of sticks!

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