Best Dog Parks in Orange County

Dog owners want their pooches to get out and play with other dogs. It is good for both the dog and the dog owner to be outside socializing and a dog park is a great way to do that.

Those looking for great dog parks in Orange County, Calif., can stop searching because we’ve created a list of the top 10 dog parks in the area where you and your furry friend can enjoy the outdoors.

1. Olive Hills Dog Park

Olive Hills Dog Park can be found in the east side of Orange County next to the Olive Hills Tennis Courts. This dog park opened in August of 2016. It has a jogging-walking path, artificial turf, native plants, agility equipment, and benches.

There are separated areas for small and large dogs.It also has a K-9 memorial honoring dogs serving the Anaheim Police Department and is located adjacent to the 10.7-acre public park.

2. Brea Wildcatters Dog Park

The Brea Wildcatters Dog Park is in Brea and is located near Valencia Avenue and is one of the highly recommended dog parks in Orange County. It has two separate dog areas for large and small dogs.

Dogs under 25 pounds have a third-acre to roam while larger dogs have an incredibly large area to play.

 It has grass, trees, and benches and a pedestal drinking founds with dog bowls available, dog waste cleanup stations, picnic tables, and secured gates with double latches. Dog owners will need to bring their bags for poop. 

3. Irvine Central Bark

Irvine Central Bark is located near the Clean Energy CNG Irvine City Yard. Opening in 2000, this park consists of three acres of a grass area and allows off-leash play. There is a separate fenced area for small and older dogs. 

It has shady areas and areas for seating, lighting, and faucets for water. It also has handicapped access.

4. Orange Dog Park

Orange Dog Park is found at Yorba Street and Chapman Avenue in Yorba Park. It has separate areas for small and large dogs, drinking fountains for dogs, poop bags along with pooper scoopers for public use. 

There is a parking lot and an ODPA bulletin board to keep up with events and changes.

5. Fullerton Pooch Park

This park for pooches is adjacent to the Hunt public libary and near the elementary school on Pacific Drive. It has a combination of grass, wood chip, and bark areas with both trees and umbrellas for shade. 

There is also an area for small dogs. Restrooms are located in the library. 

6. Garden Grove Dog Park

Garden Grove Dog Park is located at the corner of Westminster and Deodara Streets. It was established in February 2009. It has grass and lots of trees. The park for small dogs is the same size of space as the area for larger dogs so there is lots of room to run around. 

There are water bowls. There is a public restroom nearby. 

7. Laguna Beach Laguna Canyon Dog Park

The Laguna Beach Dog Park is between Aliso Wood/Canyons Regional Wilderness Park near Laguna Coast Wilderness Park.  It has grass in a huge open area for lots of running and playing. There are some trees for shade, but it is mostly open. 

It offers an area for small dogs and has a portable restroom facility. Parking is metered. 

8. Mission Viejo La Paws Dog Park

Mission Viejo’s La Paws Dog Park is near The Way to Aging. It has three play areas including more than an acre for large dogs, .5 acres for small dogs, and .1 acre for single dog owner use. 

It has parking, a walking trail, and a space designated for events. It has grass turf and shade trees. 

9. Huntington Beach Best Friend Dog Park

Huntington Beach Best Friend Dog Park is in Huntington Central Park close to Park Bench Cafe. It includes a fenced off-leash park with large areas for large and small dogs. It has wood chips, along with trees and shelter for shade. 

There is a separate area for small dogs. A public restroom is in Central Park. Chairs are available.

  • Address: 18381 Goldwest St., Huntington, Calif.
  • Opening Hours: Large Dog Park is open weekdays 9 a.m.-5 p.m./weekends 10 a.m.-7 p.m./allowed in the small dog park 5 p.m. – 7 p.m. The small dog park is open weekdays 9 a.m.- 7 p.m./weekends 10 a.m.-7  p.m.
  • Website

10. Newport Beach Dog Park

Newport Beach Dog Park is in the 16-acre Civic Center Park. It has a combination of dirt, astroturf, and concrete with some trees for shade. It has a separate area for small dogs. 

The park has other amenities such as restored wetlands and walking and viewing trails.


There are plenty of places for your pet to roam and play at dog parks in Orange County. It is best to check out several recommended dog parks to find the perfect one for you and your dog.

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