Best Dog Parks In Las Vegas

If you’re looking for the best dog parks in Las Vegas, we’ve listed the top ten best spots to visit with your furry friend.

1. Woofter Dog Park

With a little dog park and a big dog park, the Woofter Dog Park is a great place for either, and the separation offers pet owners peace of mind while their pooches play. 

It’s sunny, with plenty of shady spots, and lots of open space for the dogs to run around in. Some reviews do indicate that users have had issues with aggressive dogs, but tussles almost inevitably break out at a dog park, and others discuss the friendly atmosphere.

The park is clean and spacious, and a great place to take your dog for a daily run.

2. Desert Breeze Dog Park

This park is the perfect place to have a picnic while your dogs romp. It has benches, tables and chairs, and a fully fenced area for the little dogs (less than 35lb). Large dogs also have access to a separate fenced play space.

The park provides a hose and doggy bags, meaning you can always make sure your dog has enough to drink, and you can clean up after your pet even if you’ve forgotten your own doggy bags.

A few reviews complain that the park isn’t monitored closely and dogs aren’t well supervised, and there are some comments that it isn’t clean – but then also plenty who say it is. Overall, if you’re looking for a reasonable walking and safe play space, this might well be it.

3. All American Dog Park

This is a large fenced dog park, where dogs can run off the leash and burn some energy. There aren’t separate play spaces, so it may not be ideal for dogs who aren’t well socialized or get a bit rough with others.

There is a large outer park where you can walk with your dog on a leash, but the actual unleashed area is a little small for large dogs which like to run.

4. Barkin’ Basin Dog Park at Wayne Bunker Park

This might be one of the best dog parks in Las Vegas; it has water for the pups to play in! It’s a fenced park with space for the dogs to run and play, and gets great reviews for cleanliness and good atmosphere.

There are separate areas for large and small dogs, water spigots, and drinking fountains so everyone can stay hydrated for the day out. It’s also big, meaning plenty of space for dogs to play.

5. Centennial Hills Dog Park

Another of the dog parks in Las Vegas which offers separate play areas for big and small dogs, this is great for a day out playing. It gets good reviews and has plenty of space for dogs to tire themselves out in.

6. Kellogg-Zaher Sports Complex Dog Park

With three runs for big dogs and a separate area to keep the smaller ones safe and secure, this is a good option for any dog owner. Reviews say that users are friendly and responsible, and keep the park nice and clean for everyone.

With some water and lots of grass, this is ideal for dogs that like to run.

7. Charlie Frias Park

With one space for little dogs and two spaces for big dogs, this is one of the best dog parks in Las Vegas. It is lit up at night to let pet owners make the most of all hours of the day and to help everyone feel safe in the park no matter what time they walk their pet.

Some reviews complain the park isn’t very clean, and one or two say it was lacking in space, but on the whole, it seems to be a popular spot.

8. Dog Fancier’s Park

If your pup is nervous, you can actually reserve a space at this park, letting you (or a group of friends) have a stress-free play date. The park also has a public space for unleashed dogs, and the reviews say it has a great atmosphere, with lots of friendly regulars.

Plenty of space for big dogs or little dogs to burn off energy and have fun!

9. Police Memorial Dog Park

With a fenced-off area for large dogs and a separate one for small dogs, this is again a good option if your pooch struggles to socialize well. It is grassy and has benches and drinking water.

10. Shadow Rock Dog Park

A fenced dog park with water spigots, trees, shady spots and benches, this covers the needs of pets and their owners, and gets good reviews for having 3 pens, one of which is closed on a rotation to allow maintenance and keep the quality high.

The water spigots are only on during the summer, and some reviews complain that it isn’t clean or that pet owners aren’t being responsible, but it seems to be a popular park overall!

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