Best Dog Parks in Fort Worth

Are you in the Fort Worth area and wondering where you can take your poochy partner? We’ve had a good old sniff around and found the 10 best dog parks for you and your doggy to both enjoy.

­1. Z Bonz Dog Park

This is a great park and probably one of the best dog parks in Fort Worth.  They have separate small dog and big dog areas but the really cool thing is that they have their own little lakes in them. A great place for your panting pooch to take a dip and have a swim. They have doggy obstacle courses, lots of benches, water stations and some nice trees for shade. The large dog section is approx. 7 acres and the small dog section approx. 3 acres, so there is heaps of space for you both to get plenty of exercise without it feeling crowded.

2. Fort Woof Dog Park

Fort Worth Dog Park is located in Gateway Park on the eastside of the City.  This was Fort Worth’s first off-leash park and has loads of space for your furry friend to run and get all the exercise they need. It has two separate areas for small and large dogs with the usual 40lb rule.  There is a water station, plenty of poop bins, and bags are provided. A great place for dogs to mingle with each other and have lots of fun.

3. MUTTS Canine Cantina

Just like their sister site in Dallas, Mutts Canine Cantina provide a great concept of dog park and a fab eatery.  So why not take your beloved pooch out for a lunch playdate!  Although this is a members’ dog park, you can purchase daily membership. There are two separate areas for big and small dogs with a 30lb rule here. A great place to socialize over a beer and some food whilst your mutt mingles with the other members. They also have loads of water bowls, free wi-fi and can even throw birthday parties for your BFF’s (Best Furry Friend) birthday!

(the Cantine has different opening hours)

4. Keenum-Shelton Dog Park

This is another great dog park situated on the north-west side of Fort Worth, near Lake Worth. The location is a bit isolated but it has a handy parking lot. There are two separate areas for large and small dogs, and some agility equipment.  You won’t find any trees for shade here, which can be a problem on super-hot days but they do have water fountains. It is a small park that tends to be pretty quiet with not too many dogs to socialize with, but if your pooch is the anti-social type this will probably be ideal!

5. Golden Triangle Dog Park

Golden Triangle Dog Park is situated in the Fort Worth Design District.  It’s not the easiest park to find and is fairly quiet due to its location, but an adequate space for you and your dog to get some exercise. Not much seating or shade, but there is some cool billboard artwork to snap and share with your posing pooch. There are water fountains and two separate sections for large and small dogs. Not the most attractive space, but has the basics.

6. K-9 Pointe Dog Park

You will find the K-9 Pointe Dog Park in the North East Fort Worth area of Keller.  This is a small, but well-maintained and clean park with a really friendly feel.  There are agility ramps and equipment in both the large and small dog sections.  There are a couple of water points but not many shady trees. Not necessarily one of the best dog parks in Fort Worth but the rest of the park makes up for it so still a useful one to know about.

7. Prairie Dog Park

Situated in the south-east of Fort Worth in the Echo Heights area, Prairie Dog Park is a really nice park to take your dog for a walk.  Not a dedicated dog park as there are no separate dog areas, but a noteworthy park for its pretty landscape and walking trail where you will see many dogs and families. There is also a large creek with fish. No water provided so be sure to take your own and a supply of poop bags.

8. Tipps Canine Hollow

Tipps Canine Hollow is based in the Richland Hills area of Fort Worth and is a 5-acre off-leash park. Definitely one of the best dog parks in Fort Worth, it has separate large and small dog areas with water stations and fountains. It also has lots of trees with nice shady seating areas and picnic tables.  Very friendly and well-maintained with plenty of nice grassy areas. As with a lot of dog parks, it can be ruined by people leaving poop but other than that, it’s a very nice environment to take your pooch for some fun.

9. Bedford Dog Park

Bedford Dog Park is another fairly quiet dog park but has the usual large dog / small dog areas. Lots of grass to roll around on and some concrete obstacles for extra exercise.  There is a water fountain, some benches and plenty of parking.  Poop bags are provided and plenty of disposal stations so no excuses. Not the prettiest of parks but it serves the purpose.

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