Best Dog Parks in Chicago

If you’re searching for a dog park great for you and your canine companion, look no further. This is your list of the best dog parks in Chicago. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at what the iconic city has to offer our furry friends. 

In no particular order, the most ten popular dog parks in Chicago are:

1. Wiggly Field (Noethling Playlot Park)

Located near Wrigley Field, this off-leash park offers free poop bags, water fountains for the poochies, and a securely fenced-in area for your peace of mind. With its built-in tables and chairs and large trees, you and your buddy can play or relax in or out of the sun. The various types of pathways make this an interesting jaunt for the two of you as well. 

If you have a dog that tends to get too rambunctious, you can use the divided-out “timeout” area to let Mopsy take a breath and settle down. 

2. Jackson Bark

Jackson Bark is a lot of fun, as it boasts a canine agility course and great shared dog toys. Two watering stations and splash pools allow your pet to be refreshed at will while testing his athletic abilities. This off-leash park is large, clean and its amenities offer great photo ops!

According to many visitors, this is not just a dog park but more like a playground for our furry friends; it’s also colorful and spacious with its own first-aid kit… just in case. 

3. Montrose Dog Beach

Yes, of all the popular dog parks in Chicago this is one of only a few beach dog parks! It’s fenced off and lets you and your pooch frolic on the sand and in the water. With the pesky sand that will inevitably get in Fido’s hair or fur, the Montrose Dog Beach offers a free rinsing station. 

Each dog is required to wear its own DFA (Dog-Friendly Area) tag which is only $10.00. They are obtainable from almost any licensed Veterinarian in Chicago. 

4.  Puptown

Take your fur baby to this dog-designated area in Margate Park where you can enjoy some exercise and dog play in this clean, well-landscaped park that boasts both asphalt and a gravel run. On hot days, your pup can enjoy the kiddie pools and running water. And the place is stocked with free poop bags.

DFA tag is required for this Dog-Friendly Area. Each one costs $10.00 and can be obtained from almost any licensed Veterinarian in Chicago. 

5. Portage Park

This dog-friendly park is in the beautiful and wide-open area near the tennis courts in Portage Park. Though the terrain is concrete rather than grass, it’s a large park for lots of running (sans mud), and there are plenty of benches for us humans to rest and watch our pooch enjoy the day. 

Water fountains are leveled down for dogs, so no need to bring water. Reviewers comment that the park is always clean and well-maintained. 

6. Logan Square Dog Park

This off-leash park is small but very clean. The city provides balls and toys for the play, and during the summer, the running hoses and pools are great for cooling off you and your playful fur baby. Plus, on your way there and back home, enjoy the murals and artwork surrounding the park.

For dog owners with puppies or little dogs, the park features separate areas for big vs. small poochies.

  • Address: 2526 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60647 (Logan Square)
  • Opening hours:  6 am – 11 pm (every day of the week)  

7. Skinner Dog Park

Gravel, concrete paths, and grassy areas make up this pretty, well-kept dog park. This off-leash park boasts human and doggie level water fountains and plenty of benches and trees.

The only thing missing is poop bags, so be sure to pack those before you go. 

8. Wicker Dog Park

This is a popular spot to go let Princess play while you relax or walk around with her. It’s a quiet, small set-up, but it’s an off-leash park in a pretty, trendy part of town. On hot days, definitely have your dog take advantage of the kiddie pools and hoses for cooling off. 

The fenced-in park puts the humans’ minds at ease while our pets freely mingle about. 

9. Pottawattomie Dog Park

The off-leash dog-friendly area of the human kind’s large Pottawattomie Park is expansive and very popular for local dog owners. Amenities include benches, water fountains, and even a good amount of grass. It also boasts concrete and pea gravel paths with a lot of shady areas.

Small dog owners, there’s a separate area for small dogs that don’t like to mingle with the big hounds.

10. Lakeshore East 

Next to Millenium Park, this park is like a secret garden but itself is an open space for pet parents and pups. With its circular layout and benches lining the perimeter, you can sit and see your pooch almost anywhere he goes off his leash. The grassy hills and concrete walkways are lovely for strolls, and much of the park is shaded by trees. 

No need to bring water. This one has doggie drinking fountains.

Happy trails to you and your furry companion!

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