Best Dog Parks in Brooklyn

Brooklyn dog owners have to be creative about how to exercise their pets. The weather may not always be the best to walk or run them around the block and some breeds may have excessive energy they must burn off before they destroy sofa pillows. 

The good news is there are several excellent dog parks in Brooklyn, New York, so you won’t need to look any further for play options for your best friend. To make it easy, we’ve compiled a referral list of the best 10 dog parks where both of you can run.

1. Brower Park

Brower Park is located in Crown Heights near the Nostrand Subway Station at the junction of Kingston and Brooklyn Avenues. This park has a low-key vibe and is a quiet place to take your dog. It’s a great place for dogs that are a little apprehensive about their surroundings. 

This park does have a leash requirement for when you and your pet are around certain areas like the playgrounds. 

2. Monsignor McGlorick Park

This park is located at the corner of Russell Street and Nassau Avenue. It is a favorite locale for dog owners for many reasons. It is close to the subway, so those who own small dogs can use that to get there. 

There are fresh gardens with gorgeous views and sunsets. Dogs and their owners typically visit the park frequently so everyone gets to know others quickly, ensuring your dog makes fast friends for playtime. Smaller dogs have their own space in a separate fenced run. It also has benches and tables for people.   

3. Dyker Beach Park

This Dyker Heights park is at the corner of 7th Avenue and 86th Street. It is a great space for dogs because it has a fenced area with a lot of space, older trees for shade, and many areas to rest. It is a combination of grass and gravel and there is water available for pets. 

The park is an older one so it has developed other areas for the rest of the family from athletes to a golf facility so everyone can enjoy it and be happy.

4. Shore Road Park

Shore Road Park is located in Bay Ridge near the 95 Street station. It is one of the largest areas with a walking path and a long dog run. The specific area for off-leash fun is in the Shore Road area putting it on the list of great dog parks in Brooklyn. 

There are amazing views along the scenic paths and some noise from the Belt Parkway. 

5. Fort Greene Park

Fort Greene Park is located in Boerum Hill at the junction of DeKalb and Cumberland. This is considered one the best places to take your furry friend off-leash. It has more than 30 acres filled with older trees and lots of hills. 

The area has tons of history for those who love it. Soldiers built forts there and it was a planned site dating back to 1867 names after Revolutionary War hero Major Gen. Nathanael Greene. 

6. Prospect Park

Prospect Park is located near the zoo.  Many first-time visitors are surprised at the amount of space in this park. There are fields, paths, and swimming spots where dogs roam free. 

There are several historic buildings and a boathouse here as well so it will hold everyone’s interest.

7. McCarren Park

McCarren Park is located near the McCarren Hotel. This park is notably the cleanest dog park in Brooklyn. It is extremely well maintained and comes with many shade trees, keeping dogs and people cool.. 

There are an enclosed fenced area and a separate space for small dogs. Both spaces have many water bowls and freshwater. There are even common toys any dog can play with too.

8. Hillside Park

Hillside Park is located near Brooklyn Bridge Park. This is a beloved park, even though it is one of the smaller ones in the area. It has a fence, an area for small dogs, lots of trees and benches for seating. 

The park also has water fountains for dog bowls and picnic tables for people. The dogs are well-behaved as their owners maintain control and supervision during playtime.

9. Owl’s Head Park

Owl’s Head Park located near the Upper Bay waterway is an incredible green space in both size and scope. It has luscious hills, quiet paths, and unforgettable views of the New York skyline.

It also has a fenced dog run for off-leash play. The run has green grass and is a good play space. Dogs and their owners can also walk on a leash by the water.

10. Manhattan Beach Dog Run

The Manhattan Beach Dog Run is a large park divided up into smaller use areas. The dog run is one of those smaller spaces. It is fenced and well maintained. 

Dogs must be kept on leash outside the run, but are free to walk them anywhere in the park. 


Brooklyn may be urban but hasn’t forgotten the need both pets and people have for fresh air, space, and a place to run. Many local parks have created dog parks in Brooklyn where dog owners and pets can let their wiggles out.

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