Best Dog Parks in Atlanta

If you’re looking for the perfect dog park where you and your pooch can hang out, check out our favorites that have made this top 10 list for dog parks in Atlanta.

1. Piedmont Dog Parks

The Piedmont Dog Parks are located adjacent to the Education Center under the Park Drive Bridge. They include three acres where your dog can run off-leash and there are separate spaces for large (30+ lbs) and small dogs (<30 lbs).

It has shaded areas and benches and restrooms for loyal dog owners (aka you), and dog water spickets for your furry friend. As one of the best and largest dog parks in Atlanta, it’s a great place to spend the day together (owners can have up to three dogs in the area at the same time).

2. Freedom Barkway Dog Park

Freedom Barkway Dog Park is located in the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood. It’s full of friendly people who enjoy chatting with each other while their dogs mingle and play off-leash.

Less than one mile from downtown, it still has more than two acres to roam. There is a separate space for large (30+ lbs) and small dogs (<30 lbs). You’ll find water, benches to rest on, and dog toys everywhere, making it one of the best dog parks in Atlanta.

3. Fetch Park

Fetch Park is the first full-service dog park with a bar in Atlanta and is located just minutes from the historic Old Fourth Ward neighborhood. This modern dog park features all the amenities you and your furry friend could want. 

For you, there is a bar, outdoor TVs, wifi all through the park, and attendants to make sure all the dogs are behaving (and having fun). For your fur baby, they will find cooling stations, a dog bath area, and plenty of four-legged friends.

4. Atlantic Station Dog Park

Atlantic Station Dog Park is located near the Millennium Gate Museum. It’s a small park but has a convenient, urban location.

It is a well-maintained dog park that is beautiful and clean. It’s also gated making it a carefree place for your dog to run and play. You’ll find water and poop bags available too. A great place for you and your dog to socialize (Note: after 5 pm it tends to get busy with everyone bringing their dogs then).

5. Walker Park Dog Park

Walker Park Dog Park is located on the east side of Atlanta. It is a small park that has enclosures specifically for small dogs (<30 lbs) and another space where large (30+ lbs) dogs can play.

It has a relaxed environment and the doggy parks are nice and grassy. Outside the dog park area, there are also soccer fields and a playground.

6. South Bend Dog Park

South Bend Dog Park is located in the south of Atlanta. It is one of the City of Atlanta’s official off-leash dog parks. 

It has a large grassy area with benches for large dogs but there are no benches on the small dog side. Both large and small dogs will have plenty of space to run around though and the park itself is lovely with plenty of trees. 

7. Ormewood Dog Yard

Ormewood Dog Yard is located to the southeast of the city on Ormewood Church property. It has been a dedicated dog park since 2006 when the Church designated the space as a community dog park and installed a fence so they can play freely. 

The yard is clean and well-maintained so a lovely space for dogs and owners alike. The operation is run by volunteers.

8. Kirkwood Dog Park

Kirkwood Dog Park is located on the east side of Atlanta and is small but there is still enough space for your pooch to run around. You’ll find plenty of old tennis balls and throw handles for playing fetch, making it a fun place to visit. 

There isn’t much grass here but they have helped this by putting mulch on the ground to minimalize mud so hopefully, your furry friend goes home relatively clean. You’ll find a water station setup for the dogs. 

9. Renaissance Park Dog Park

Renaissance Park Dog Park is located in the Fourth Ward West Neighborhood. It has big and small dog areas so everyone can play safely and is gated where dogs are allowed off-leash to mingle. 

The park itself is a beautiful space with lots of trees and there is plenty of shade. A great place for a more chilled vibe as it’s not a busy dog park usually.

10. Tanyard Creek Greenspace

Tanyard Creek Greenspace is located in Loring Heights Park which is located at the intersection of Loring Drive and Garden Ln NW. 

It has two fenced-in dog areas and there is a dog waste station too. The park itself is very pretty and features a duck pond, playground, free library, and a picnic area with benches, umbrellas, and a water drinking fountain. This is a great option for a morning or an afternoon out with the whole family. 

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