10 Best Dog Parks in Tampa

So, you’re in the Tampa area with your four-legged best friend, and you need a place to get some walkies in. Here are our recommendations for the ten best dog parks in Tampa:

1. Carrollwood Village Park

Carrollwood Villard Park has one of the top-rated dog parks in Tampa. The grounds are meticulously well-kept, with adjacent ponds. Not only that: this space is just as fun for humans as canines. While you enjoy outdoor ping-pong and chess, your tailed buddy can have fun in the beautiful enclosed running space. There are plenty of water fountains, cleaning basins, and waste receptacles as well!

2. Davis Island Dog Park

On the shore of Hillsborough Bay, just below the Peter O. Knight Airport, this picturesque puppy park and beach has separate fenced areas for small and large breeds. Your four-footed friend can wade around the water, which is generally quite calm. 

It’s a fairly no-frills area, with only a dog-wash station at the entrance. Still, your dog should find lots of exciting things to do. What more could they want than some room to run and a beach to roll around.

3. Deputy Kotfila Memorial Dog Park

Opened in 2016 and named in honor of fallen Hillsborough County Deputy John Robert Kotfila, Jr., this pocket park is located beneath the Selmon Expressway. 

Don’t let its unorthodox location fool you: Deputy Kotfila Memorial Dog Park has already established itself as one of the finest dog parks in Tampa. It’s lined with soft, safe, resilient K9Grass turf and chock-a-block with agility equipment, watering stations, built-in food bowls, and plenty of seating. Plus, the overhead roadway offers wonderful shade all day!

4. Gadsden Dog Park

Gadsden Dog Park is one of the most popular dog parks in Tampa, and for good reason. Located near MacDill Airforce Base, this shady, well-attended park has not two but three separate off-leash areas. Your doggie will be amongst evenly-size peers in a space equipped with watering stations and pools.  

What’s more, Gadsden Dog Park had more-than-ample picnic table seating. You can take a load off while your furry friend has the time of their life.

5. Hair of the Dog Park

This wild combination taproom and dog park is located in Seminole Heights. Hair of the Dog is a members-only establishment and restricted to 21-and-up humans (and six-month-and-up doggies), but it’s a lot of fun! You and your friends can quaff local craft beers and wine, while your pets enjoy a fenced-in playing space. 

This is probably the only dog park with TVs to watch the Buccaneers play! Memberships start at $50 per year, for one dog.

6. Julian B. Lane Dog Park

Nestled in the glorious 25-acre Julian B. Lane Park above the University of Tampa, this impeccably manicured green space is one of the city’s dog park gems. 

With lots of ground fountains for doggies to leap around in and some beautifully-designed stone benches for them to hop over, you can both enjoy a nice afternoon in an elegantly-designed park. Plus, there are umbrellas for owners to get a little relief from the sun.

7. Logan Gate Dog Park

Located in the Logan Gate neighborhood, this park offers wide open space for your doggy to run. There are separate areas for large and small pups, and both sections have pools and agility equipment. This is an exceptionally well-maintained green space. Recently, overhead shelters went up for a little shade on a hot day.

8. Northwest Dog Park

Here is another dog park that makes of K9Grass’s artificial dog turf. Specially designed to go easy on puppy paws, it’s the foundation for a dog-focused oasis in an otherwise developed area of Fountainview. 

Northwest Dog Park has everything a pet owner could want: water fountains, basins, exercise obstacles, dog-waste disposal bins, and plenty of seating. It’s a real hidden treasure in Tampa, for pups and people alike.

  • Address: 8951 W Waters Ave, Tampa, FL 33615
  • Opening Hours: 8 am – 8 pm / 7 Days a Week

9. Rowlett Dog Park

This city-run park is composed of two fenced play areas with lots of exercise equipment and obstacle courses. There is also plenty of foliage for shade, which both you and your pup will no doubt appreciate. 

All this is situated in the popular water-adjacent Rowlett Park, so you should expect a fairly crowded scene. On the other hand, if your canine companion is super-social, they can expect to make lots of new friends!

10. West Park Dog Park

It doesn’t get much nicer than this! Located in the heart of West Park, this five-acre green space has shady trees and picnic tables for humans. It has enclosed green space for canine frolicking. The park is divided into large and small dog sections. It also has a doggy exercise course for extra-energetic pups. 

Fair warning, though: due to the popularity and location, you might find the park a bit crowded and parking a bit scarce on pretty weekends.

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